a new Look!


I think it is about time for a little update here on the blog. My blog has had the same look since 2008 and regardless how much I have liked the look oft he layout I must admit that it is not very practical. So, from now I am working on a little beta version of the new layout of … Read More

Elmlida new Look!

The Bread Exchange in London


I am heading to London tomorrow! If you want to trade with me, let me know as soon as possible and I will bake a bread for you and bring it over. I won’t really have time to go somewhere far, but if you are able to meet up with me in Shoreditch when I am coming from the Airport, then … Read More

ElmlidThe Bread Exchange in London

“This is torture” he said.


This weekend I was baking for 2 events: The Kinfolk dinner and the NEXT organic fair in Berlin. Two events in one weekend meant no-sleep for me. And no sleep for my Boyfriend ether. From about 3.45 my alarm went off every half hour so I would not forget to fold or take bread out of the oven. On Sunday morning, the … Read More

Elmlid“This is torture” he said.

Bread made out of SALTWATER


Today is a gathering by Kinfolk in Berlin and I am sharing my bread with them. The theme is Ocean. For The Bread Exchange, this is probably the easiest theme they could have picked. All my breads are already inspired by the ocean. You can discribe my bread baking like this: I use flour and sourdough. And then I add Saltwater.  … Read More

ElmlidBread made out of SALTWATER

Bread Exchange at NEXT

Friends of Truth

Last October I went to Kaiserstuhl in the southwest corner of Germany to make a bread and wine tasting. Here are some images—> Katharina, who is running the Wine project Friends of Truth has been supporting The Bread Exchange since years back. When I was shooting my New York chapter she send me wine to serve the Ladies on the rooftop. … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange at NEXT

Bread Exchange and the ocean


The beautiful images are drawn by Ernst Haeckel. My friend, the Swedish artist Cecilia Ömalm, also takes fuel from Haeckels prints. In 2009 she made an art piece, “Astrophyton Darwinium” on the ceiling of the over 100 year old bar Riche, all inspired by an Ernst Haeckel drawing from 1904. Watch the Cool Hunting video about how she got her inspiration. ——————————- On Saturday I … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange and the ocean

Bread Exchange for Mother’s day


About half a year ago a lady wrote to me asking to trade a bread. She offered me to make a wish from Amsterdam. She was going there with her boyfriend and offered to pick something out for me. I made some thinking and decided to go for the cliche wish; tulips. Or rather Tulib bulbs. Now, I live in … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange for Mother’s day

Matcha Waffel Recipe


Last week I made a matcha bread with white chocolate. I received many trade requests on this bread so I did not get to really one myself. Therefore I was really happy to get the feedback from Mirjan (image). Mirjan traded a massage for a bread. Thank You! Last week I also traded with Laura from Tausendsünd. I have already … Read More

ElmlidMatcha Waffel Recipe

Bread Exchange in Nürnberg


Mainheim has been kind and let me borrow their oven tonight. So, if you happen to be in Nürnberg today. Please let me know and I will trade with you my most pure white sourdough bread. The Water is from Frankonia, the flour is from Bavaria (however not Frankonia…) and the Sea salt is French. Just email me and we … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in Nürnberg

Need some help in Sweden!


The last month we translated my Bread Exchange book into Swedish. Most recipes translated easy into swedish, especially since the Swedish food stores today are way broader sorted than 10 years ago. However I am having some concerns about one soup recipe which includes “buttermilk”. In Germany we have buttermilk but in Sweden we do not. We have a huge … Read More

ElmlidNeed some help in Sweden!