Bread Exchange and the ocean


The beautiful images are drawn by Ernst Haeckel.

My friend, the Swedish artist Cecilia Ömalm, also takes fuel from Haeckels prints. In 2009 she made an art piece, “Astrophyton Darwinium” on the ceiling of the over 100 year old bar Riche, all inspired by an Ernst Haeckel drawing from 1904. Watch the Cool Hunting video about how she got her inspiration.


On Saturday I will be baking bread for the Kinfolk dinner in Berlin. The theme is L’Esprit de la mer so I am freestyling in my kitchen with ocean inspirations for my bread.

The bread coming up today is baked with algae which was traded with a girl from South Korea.

There will be 2 loafs ready to trade later today. Comment here on the blog and I will get back to you!



Does anyone have a Swedish daily newspaper laying around in Berlin? Maybe a DN or a Di? I would need one for saturdays table decoration.


ElmlidBread Exchange and the ocean

9 Comments on “Bread Exchange and the ocean”

  1. frederic

    Your Bread is my dream. So good, so pure. Einfach alles richtig gut.

  2. Elmlid

    The bread is yours Nadine! (How suitable to the ocean theme that you call me “Marlin” -which is a fish)
    I will be in Pberg this afternoon.

  3. Pia Lambert

    If there´s still a bread and frederic didn´t say “yes” so far, I´d love to trade the second one!!Will be in Berlin Saturday afternoon…

  4. Pia

    Da war der Wunsch Vater des Gedanken, just wanted to read “Saturday” instead of “today”…

  5. Elmlid

    Haha, You are right Pia, Fredric did not “Say Yes” yet.

    But I do not think I should keep todays bread until saturday so let me bake you a new and fresh loaf on saturday instead. Sounds like a plan?

  6. Pia

    Sounds like Weihnachten and Geburtstag and summertime all together!! When and where? I´ll e-mail you my number!

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