Where to get Mein persönlicher Mutterpass

As you might know from The Bread Exchange book, I like book stores. I like to loose myself alone in them, I like to go there with my son and find treasures together with him. I also like to look at the design, the choice of paper, the colors, the bindings, and all the other thoughts and efforts that the designer has put into making something special out of the book. I simply love that there is so much more to books than the text that is in it. All that I like experiencing in the book store.

So, if you plan to buy my new book, lets support the local book stores! They can usually order the book within a day.

My personal favorite book stores in Berlin – Uslar & Rai - will be selling it. You will also find it at Dussmann in Friedrichstrasse. Or The Store Torstrasse. Where else? Other Cities? Please let me know and I will add them on my list!

And if you like to help me out a little bit – please ask for Mein Persönlicher Mutterpass in your local book store! Or leave a rating on Amazon and co!

Here a list of web shops stocking the book:




Genial Lokal



Random House



IMG_6478 IMG_6479

ElmlidWhere to get Mein persönlicher Mutterpass

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