Summer in Stockholm

When I was writing my Stockholm story for my book it was hard not to write about the water. Because the water is one of the things I love the most about Stockholm.

Early morning hours

If you wake up really early, just put on your crocs (yes, you read right, my mom has placed CROCS in our summerhouse!) and go out. I find mornings to be the best time to see things in a different light.

Another thing I love with mornings is that old people are often outside at this time of the day and they are usually very interesting. Talk to them.

Pantone 7405 – As a bread

In the cover making process I needed it to get the right color tone on the reader-band of the book (same as the moonraker sourdough!) so I offered my sourdough the anyone that could give me a pantone guide.

It took only 9 minutes.

Some might offer you the moon, but you deliver. Henne, Thank You saving me!

A Bread made out of saltwater

You can discribe my bread baking like this:

I use flour and sourdough. And then I add Saltwater. 

That’s it. 

Be prepared for picnics

Spontaneity is great, but for road trips ,or hiking, I love to top up with the right gadgets for an unexpected picnic opportunity.

This is my list.

The Bread Exchange on NPR

Don’t miss the Summer episode of Berlin Stories for NPR about Utopia projects in Berlin with The Bread Exchange! Imagine me recording in the middle of my wardrobe with dresses protecting my voice from the sound of the subway passing in front of my windows.


Breakfast at the water

Breakfast down at the water, with a good book, is probably one of the most relaxing situations I can imagine. This one from 2010.

Colorado Roadtrip Music

Thinking about American Woods made me listen to the music from my Colorado holiday from last summer. This is my playlist: the Playlist they heard driving through the Canyon Enjoy!  

Purple Sourdough

Did you know that the walnuts color the dough purple if you add it early enough? I have love it, since 2010.

Baltazaar Bakery in NYC

My story about Bread in NYC from September 2009. How has the city changed? What is the best bread? Please share your best tips with me!