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I think I have mentioned it before, but I never really had the idea to write a book about the Bread Exchange. I did enjoy writing on my blog, and I loved collecting stories through my project, but that was it.

When the US publisher Chronicle books approached me in 2012 I was a bit reluctant. I knew their books, but not the company. I started to call everyone I knew with any kind of connection in the business to check them out.

My thought was “If I was going to do a book, it should be about the people making this project and then the publisher is just as important.” I always try to choose a cooperation partner who’s values I can stand for. Not only will the publisher promote you. If things goes as they should YOU will at one point also promote your publisher.

Since I had never considered to make a book before I was not eager to make a book at any price.

So I booked a ticket to San Francisco to test my guts feeling.

My gut feeling said yes. So I said Yes.


I  met Vanessa Dina, design Director at Chronicle books over a sandwich for lunch and talked about life and values. She has been working there for 11 years. Apart from Vanessa -and my great editor Lorena Jones- what also convinced me on that first meeting was hearing about Chronicles employee attitude which seemed almost European. Unlike many American companies Chronicle offers 5 weeks holiday/year. And after 10 year you can take a 3 month sabbatical. When I heard this I decided to do the book. Regardless how much I like the US, I am really not in favor of the normal 2 weeks yearly holiday approach.

So, hand up for a US company with good values inside and out :)


Last September Vanessa took her sabbatical and started of her three month world journey at my home in Berlin. You can read about her journey here (lots of typography images of course!).


ElmlidBehind the book scenes

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