Midsummer coming up!


This weekend midsummer is coming up! In the norse mythology it was believed to be a night full of magic and that this night was meant for celebrations. So, if you have not already done all your arrangements and preparations I thought I share with you some images from last year to give you some inspiration. Please tag me in your … Read More

ElmlidMidsummer coming up!

The First Supper


Depending on where you live in the world a pregnancy can be filled with rules on how to behave. Especially when it comes to FOOD. I have the feeling that every country has there own regulation on what is dangerous or good for the baby. Being a foreigner living in Germany I have been confronted with a long list of rules. In Sweden, … Read More

ElmlidThe First Supper



The other week my friend Gisela arranged the most amazing baby shower  ever. It was not really a surprise since she had actually asked me if I have a certain gift wish. Hm.. What do you wish for? Personally I usually rather give a gift for the MOM than to the baby (since most people I know are very specific in … Read More


Berlin Inspires

2015-04-29 08.43.26

I was interviewed for the latest Berlin guide from the creative guys by Liganova. The other day the Berlin Inspires Guide arrived here in Berlin and I can highly recommend it for anyone planning a trip here this summer. Apart from getting it directly from Liganovas online shop you can purchase it at The Store in Soho House.

ElmlidBerlin Inspires

Foodblogging 2.0

Our panel discussion on Foodblogs 2.0 at the re:publica last week was a success! We served our listeners the three most elementary German dishes: Sausage, Beer and Bread. If you read German you can read about it on ZEIT ONLINE. Eva Schultz did a great job as usual. You can read about it on her HURRA blog. Some images:

ElmlidFoodblogging 2.0

Now We are Talking

Collection my last powers before baby arrives for re:publica in Berlin. Talking foodblogging and activism at stage 11 today. More Info HERE.

ElmlidNow We are Talking

Dream Weekend in Stockholm

Stockholm was built to show off from the water so, for me, waterfront is the perfect place to stay when you visit Stockholm in the spring or in the summer. Fredrik Skogkvist shot the Stockholm chapter of my book just off the island Skeppsholmen. I love this part of the city! Design Hotels and The Bread Exchange are teaming up with a giveaway … Read More

ElmlidDream Weekend in Stockholm

Boom There It Is!


Boom There It Is! Sorry Sorry Sorry… I have been out of this world. Or, no, I should rather say; Life came in between. Some hard facts: Month 7. Its a boy. Normal size. Special Features: Big ears (good, that way I know it is mine). Strong thighs (his dad is wishing for a Mountainbike partner. I would be just as happy … Read More

ElmlidBoom There It Is!

BOOK Evening in BERLIN


  Berlin, The home of The Bread Exchange since the start in 2008. Many of the trades in Berlin has taken place in the lobby of the Soho House since this is where I often sit and work. When they offered me to host my book event in their cosy Cinema I was thrilled. Thank You ALL for coming to … Read More

ElmlidBOOK Evening in BERLIN


Spring Maxfield

SPRING MAXFIELD, SANTA ROSA I was connected with Spring when I was in NY. I was told Spring is the spider in the net of Northern California food lovers. Imagine that, a secret food market based on trading (not money) in the most fertile foodie region in the USA. But Spring is so much more than that. She is the mother of … Read More