Midsummer coming up!


This weekend midsummer is coming up! In the norse mythology it was believed to be a night full of magic and that this night was meant for celebrations.

So, if you have not already done all your arrangements and preparations I thought I share with you some images from last year to give you some inspiration. Please tag me in your images on instagram (@breadexchange – I would love to see!!

This year my midsummer celebration will be looking a little bit different as we will be doing the baptism for our son. Still, we will make sure to celebrate him worthy a Midsummer day! (I will probably post on Instagram).


Cake and Flowers by Tausensünd and Mary Lennox (my favourite makers in Berlin – you can get ahold of them in the Soho House Store in Berlin)

And the beautiful wine is from Friends of Truth - organic and grown in Baden. We harvested these bottles!



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ElmlidMidsummer coming up!

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