Midsommar Nights Magic


On friday night we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. Weather you are married or not – Don’t miss to capture some of the magic in this night. To make sure you get into the mood I thought I share with you are part of the midsummer chapter in my book:   Midsommar Nights Magic, Sweden   The Midsummer night is full of … Read More

ElmlidMidsommar Nights Magic

Midsummer coming up!


This weekend midsummer is coming up! In the norse mythology it was believed to be a night full of magic and that this night was meant for celebrations. So, if you have not already done all your arrangements and preparations I thought I share with you some images from last year to give you some inspiration. Please tag me in your … Read More

ElmlidMidsummer coming up!

BOOK Evening in BERLIN


  Berlin, The home of The Bread Exchange since the start in 2008. Many of the trades in Berlin has taken place in the lobby of the Soho House since this is where I often sit and work. When they offered me to host my book event in their cosy Cinema I was thrilled. Thank You ALL for coming to … Read More

ElmlidBOOK Evening in BERLIN

The Bread Exchange Dinner in NYC


    The second stop on The Bread Exchange release tour was NYC. Since the book has a whole chapter dedicated to the great Ladies of NYC I decided that the most appropriate would be to invite all of the ladies to a little dinner. Usually I would have thrown something together with my network but due to the limited … Read More

ElmlidThe Bread Exchange Dinner in NYC

Going to LA!!


The Bread Exchange is heading to LA!! If you happen to be there on November 23rd and want to take part and contribute by exchanging with me – please send a mail to contact@thebreadexchange.com I will for sure bring my black bread and I will once again try to make the pink LA bread I made in 2012! I’d love … Read More

ElmlidGoing to LA!!

Thanks to TEDx Linz


On Friday the 26th I was TEDx talking in Linz, Austria. I was nervous as crazy but  it was great fun. Thanks to Niki, Florian, Claudia, Roland and the whole team behind TEDxLinz for taking such great care of all of us Speakers. And great thank you to all the Speakers for being so supportive – THAT makes ALL the difference! … Read More

ElmlidThanks to TEDx Linz

The Bread Exchange on NPR today!


Don’t miss the Summer episode of Berlin Stories for NPR about Utopia projects in Berlin. The Bread Exchange is part of  it and we recorded the story in my apartment. Imagine me standing in the middle of my wardrobe with dresses protecting my voice from the sound of the subway passing in front of my windows. I am myself excited to hear … Read More

ElmlidThe Bread Exchange on NPR today!

Bread made out of SALTWATER


Today is a gathering by Kinfolk in Berlin and I am sharing my bread with them. The theme is Ocean. For The Bread Exchange, this is probably the easiest theme they could have picked. All my breads are already inspired by the ocean. You can discribe my bread baking like this: I use flour and sourdough. And then I add Saltwater.  … Read More

ElmlidBread made out of SALTWATER

Martin Bundock and TT Testar

The other week I was traveling to Stockholm. It feels like new great spots are poping up with a high speed and I always need to make a new research before every trip (even though I tend to go every third month or so). The first person I ask is Martin Bundock. Martin always knows practically everything new in the … Read More

ElmlidMartin Bundock and TT Testar

Charcoal bread for Polish Illustrators

This Weekend starts Illustrative Festival in Berlin. On saturday is the Polish day and the Illo foundation from Warsaw asked me if I would like to trade some  of my charcoal bread so they could to serve it to you at their exhibition. A perfect match that I never thought of myself. If you are not up to date of … Read More

ElmlidCharcoal bread for Polish Illustrators