Martin Bundock and TT Testar

The other week I was traveling to Stockholm. It feels like new great spots are poping up with a high speed and I always need to make a new research before every trip (even though I tend to go every third month or so).

The first person I ask is Martin Bundock. Martin always knows practically everything new in the city, often his lists include so fresh spots that he has not been there himself –or they will open in the upcoming days. RIght now he is arranging a couple of food events himself (I unfortunetly missed two by one day).

The latest one was the TT Food testing which took place at Fredsgatan 12, a high quality institution by now. The food pairing was made by Atelier Food, another interesting food project worth checking out! Even though you can have missed this event too, you might be able to make it to the events taking place in Malmö and Gothenburg. There are still spots on the list!

As always, before traveling to Stockholm, check out Visit Sweden home page. They have great information on everything for a journey up north.


Martin is the guy dressed in white at the crayfish party!

ElmlidMartin Bundock and TT Testar

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