I used to read tons of blogs. Nowadays I just don’t. Especially I cut down on food blogs as they ether made me full or unhealthy hungry. Working with food already I always need to keep a healthy balance.

Also interior blogs has become less inspiring to me. The less time I have the more I rather focus on my own life and surrounding than looking online.

But there is one easy exception. Travel blogs. And there is one travel blog above all; Classetouriste, run by a Belgium couple (photographer David and writer Debbie). I met them through a friend over a dinner at RA in Antwerp maybe 3 years ago. Both Debbie and David are freelancing for several publications like Monocle and National Geographic. Still, their personal travel blog is where I follow them. They are practicing what one could call a constant “experimental traveling”. High and low. I often emailed Debbie when I was heading to Antwerp to see if she was up for having a coffee with me. Guess what, she was never home. This couple live in the world, not in Antwerp. Check out their travel statistics here.

Now, I am working on a book, and in fact I am dedicating a whole chapter to Belgium. I am  including people that I like and that I find inspiring in this book and I really wanted them to be part of it somehow. However, to just shoot out an email asking them to share an image with me (for a loaf of bread which I seemed to never be able to get to them) felt a bit rude.

But then, the other week when I was working in the kitchen at the beautiful AnaYela riad I hear loud noices from the entrance. I peek out and sees 4 Remova suitcases and a blond girl together with a man well dressed in a camel colored suit. Without even seeing their faces, and after only having met them once I knew it was them.

How big is the chance? Of all the riads in Marrakech (AnaYela only has 5 rooms…)? At that particular time? There must be reason for things like this. And if it isn’t, maybe it is just about opening your eyes to see the situation.

Of course I took the chance and asked David for an image of Antwerp. And he said yes. So I better make sure to target a weekend in Antwerp at a time when they are at home so I can give them the bread I promised!

Here is their story about our meeting in Marrakech.



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