Getting back to writing


To get back to writing after giving birth has been a huge challenge. It’s been harder than i thought. To be able to work in short time slots.  I work best when I am glued to the desk and work non stop for 4 days. I am used being able to go somewhere and write non-stop in a new environment. I am used to being able to write at times that it suits ME. My bread exchange book was written pretty much on the road. Often early in the morning. This is not really possible these days. And I miss it.

I think it is not so much about having a child, for me it is more about being a family. I can bring Lode everywhere. But we are three and I can not – and I don’t want to- have Lode away from his Dad too long.

How do you all do it? Please give me your tips!

Luckily I am slowly getting back on track. This My writing desk in Helsinki. Can you tell I put effort into tricking myself into the mood? Stimmung.

ElmlidGetting back to writing

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