To the Dads

I can still not get over that disgusting story about the Stanford rape.

I could not fall asleep last night thinking about this. Thinking about how to bring up boys in a way that these things don’t happen.

When I just became a mother I read about a rape case in Sweden. I remember thinking “Regardless how much I love my son, I really do not think I could have forgiven him for doing such a thing.”

Mothers are important teaching their children values but when it comes to respect for women, I believe that fathers play an even larger role. There are so many grey zones before to look out for. I say like my friend Mary: 
It’s so much more logical to teach boys not to rape, instead of girls how to avoid being raped.
So dads, please read this text. It sums it up pretty well.

and, if you missed the Stanford case, Please take a few minutes and read the Stanford Victim’s letter.…/stanford-sexual-assault-case-v…

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