Pop up Bakery in the Swiss Alps

On Saturday the ski season is starting. I will pack my suitcase with my grandmas Cross Country skiing outfit (very chic) and “throw myself out in the track”, as we say in Sweden. Sometimes in between eating and skiing and visits to the Sauna I will also bake. I expect it to be happening in the middle of the night. … Read More

ElmlidPop up Bakery in the Swiss Alps

München Bread Exchange on Thursday

Finally Back in Bavaria. If you like to trade a Sourdough Bread with me tomorrow, send me a mail or comment and I will make sure to have a Sourdough Bread ready for you. Thursdays Bavarian Sourdough I will bake it with one of the best German Flour from Künstmühle in München. The salt was brought to me from Iceland. … Read More

ElmlidMünchen Bread Exchange on Thursday

Bread Exchange on Canal+

Today at 3.00pm on French Canal Plus Alexandra Leroux’ show Les Nouveaux Explorateurs is visiting Berlin and my home. We will talk about Bread Exchange and I will try to compress a 24 hour baking process into a few minutes time. Check out the preview here—> Thank You Alex and Manon for visiting, and Thank You Chrischa, David and Nancy for … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange on Canal+

It is up and running!

In the Flair online Magazine I will be writing about anything that inspires me; Places, People, Food and Bread Exchange! I will start up in the north and write about what I love about Stockholm! The Magazine is in German but I will stick to the English Language. http://www.flair-magazin.de/perlentaucher/profil/malin-elmlid.html

ElmlidIt is up and running!

Today is the Swedish National Day.

I know what you are thinking; “What?! Is the Swedish National Day only one day after the Danish National Day??? Oh yes, it is. And I will tell you a very Swedish perspective on this History: So, Sweden was in a Union together with Denmark and Norway from year 1397. The Union was called the Kalmar Union after the Swedish … Read More

ElmlidToday is the Swedish National Day.

there is no catastrophe with a warning

I am still on Sri Lanka and at Lunch time the message on the wire came: Earth quake in the indian ocean. The locals well remembered the Tsunami in 2004 but this time things would probably have turned out very differently as the warning came early and people, kind of,  knew what to do. Everyone was informed in time and … Read More

Elmlidthere is no catastrophe with a warning


The night was a minor food parade and we travelled from chef to chef to try something new. I ended up favoring Champagne and Fishes at the north German kitchen area. I think it is time to go to Lübeck, Bremen or Hamburg soon. It has been way too long ago. Regarding the ball,  Let’s put it this way; One … Read More