It is up and running!

In the Flair online Magazine I will be writing about anything that inspires me; Places, People, Food and Bread Exchange!

I will start up in the north and write about what I love about Stockholm!

The Magazine is in German but I will stick to the English Language.


ElmlidIt is up and running!

5 Comments on “It is up and running!”

  1. Maria

    Hei (:
    I am so so, so happy you are sticking with English – I love your blog and I cannot wait to read you in Flair!
    Maria from Estland

  2. Elmlid

    Thank You So much for Your kind words Maria!
    I am glad you will be reading!
    All the best from Berlin,

  3. Hanna

    Ja men verkligen! Jag flyger hem ikväll och stannar till måndag, är du i Berlin över helgen?

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