Charcoal bread for Polish Illustrators

This Weekend starts Illustrative Festival in Berlin. On saturday is the Polish day and the Illo foundation from Warsaw asked me if I would like to trade some  of my charcoal bread so they could to serve it to you at their exhibition. A perfect match that I never thought of myself. If you are not up to date of the the young polish illustration scene you should check out Illo.

Illo asked me what I’d like to have illustrated, and by who. I think I will wish for an interpretation of the Bread Exchange project. By who, I do not know yet. But I think I will know after seeing the exhibition. I will show you when it is ready.

Bread is ready on Saturday at 19.00. Direktorenhaus, Am Krögel 2, in Berlin.

I would be happy to see you!


Polish Illustration Focus invitation

ElmlidCharcoal bread for Polish Illustrators

4 Comments on “Charcoal bread for Polish Illustrators”

  1. Rasmus

    Hey Malin,

    I was at the Illustrative festival today, unfortunately a day to late to taste your bread.
    I moved to Berlin for the second time this spring and read about your project back then. Since then I’ve been looking for a perfect exchange. I didn’t find it until two weeks ago when I was home in Denmark visiting my parents.
    They make everything themselves. Fruits, veggies, smoked meat and fish, beer, cider and honey. But the only thing they can’t do is bake a good bread. So my hope was to bring you some of their homemade products and then serve them a piece of your delicious bread in return.
    Two days ago I got it in the mail. A big glass of honey from the outskirts of Copenhagen. The bees feed on thyme, roses and berries which gives the honey a strong, spicy note.

    If you’re up for it I would very much like to exchange honey for bread and let my parents get a taste of Berlin’s most attractive artisan food.

    Good night,


  2. Elmlid

    Oh my, Rasmus! What a beautiful story!
    I will make sure to bake a bread worthy your parents. Actually, I love honey with a thyme note. After visiting Crete this summer I am hooked.
    Please let me know when you are visiting your parents so I can have my bread as fresh as possible for you to bring!

  3. Rasmus

    Elmlid, that sounds great!
    I’m visiting them next time on the 1st of October, so maybe we can meet up around there? Looking forward!

  4. Elmlid

    Hi Rasmus, I can not tell so early if I will be in Berlin on this date. But please send me an email and we can coordinate! I look forward!

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