The other week my friend Gisela arranged the most amazing baby shower  ever. It was not really a surprise since she had actually asked me if I have a certain gift wish. Hm.. What do you wish for? Personally I usually rather give a gift for the MOM than to the baby (since most people I know are very specific in their taste which makes baby gifts very tricky). And I also find that the mom – who is going through quite a rough time – should be the one to be spoiled. However, I could not really wish for a spa treatment for myself when the party was for our baby.

So I wished for food. Because the best thing about the babyshower is to get to spend some chilled time your girlfriends. And when we meet we like to eat. And, GOSH, I got food! My ladies had been pulling their strings and arranged a table full of all the goodies I had been craving during the pregnancy. Sausages from the best local producers, cheeses, salads different salted rawmilkbutter (I brought bread). Laura had made a really magic lemon meringue cake (which ended up being tweeted by Food & Wine!) as well as salted black chocolate macarons. A feast to remember!

But on top of this they gave me the best gift ever; a list of who will bring us food during the first 2 weeks after our baby is born. Seeriously… IS there even a better gift you can possibly receive from your friends before your baby is born?!? I highly recommend anyone to do this arrangement next time your friend is becoming a parent. It is also a great gift for guys to give to the father-to-be so they dont have to cook the first days after the baby is born!


I think my favorite preg outfit (after my moms preg cord pants of course) must be this XL wood wood sweater from 2009 or so. I am glad I kept it.



more Ladies!


3 kinds of rawmilk butter and Lauras  seasalted choco macarons!


Lauras amazing Lemon cake…


Asparagus Galette!




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