Wearing mummys clothes

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When I was pregnant I really did not feel like I wanted to share with the world. So I stayed offline. However, I did actually still write.

I have to post this post that I prepared in March last year but ever published. I was pregnant in week 30 and I felt so so ugly. When I look at the images now I am think – “what was my problem? I look awesome!” 


March 1st 2015

My mom and I have proven to have a serious similaritie when it comes to pregnancy: My mom and I have ended up having the same Due Date – 28/5. That means that my mom was going through exactly the same changes 35 years ago – on the date.

However, here all similarities seems to end. The other day my mom send me a big selection of images of the clothes that she had saved from her pregnancy. It seemed like my mom had saved practically everything from her pregnancy. Me, I have roughly bought 2 pieces of pregnancy clothing in total**.

This means that if I, afterall, happen to actually need any new clothes during my pregnancy I could just look exactly the same as my mother in 1980.

Here we have my favorites: A pair of adjustable preggo pants in corduroy.

2015-03-01 12.05.39 2015-03-01 12.24.07 2015-03-01 12.24.39 2015-03-01 12.24.52

** I’ve bought one pair of  HM mom-jeans in black and (most important) one pair of super quality mom compression panty-hose to make sure I am not getting veins on my legs during the pregnancy. I am not going to save these.

ElmlidWearing mummys clothes

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