John Benjamin Savary

I bumped into Benny on midsummer 2010. And his first comment to me was “Oh you are the Lady making the best bread I ever ate” and “I told my friend that I’m gonna marry this girl”.

Benny probably had no clue it was midsummer that day – and that saying such a strong phrase to a Swedish girl on midsummer would make her think there is some magic in the whole situation.

Anyhow. This was the beginning of a friendship that I value highly.

Benny is the guy whose opinion I value so much that I would ask him to go the publisher in San Francisco to check that the pantone tones gray 7519 and the green 5753 on the first test samples of the cover was working as they should. He did it, and approved on the cover.



M: How do you like to eat your bread? 

B: Whenever I have bread at Malin’s, there is always a huge selection of amazing toppings and condiments on offer – but her bread is so tasty that I always choose quality butter and salt instead.

M: What is it about TBE that interests you and led you to contribute to the book?

B: My first encounter with Malin’s bread was at a friend’s place. I was hooked straight away. I share Malin´s passion for sensory enjoyment – another aspect of TBE. In my job, however, I mostly deal with liquid treats, so my recipe in Malin’s book is a drink using goji berries, a member of the super food family.

M: Where are you from and what do you love most about this place?

B: I was born and bred in Luneburg Heath, an area south of Hamburg. I truly love the local blend of heather and woodlands, as well as its proximity to Hamburg, harbour and the water. For the last few years, I have been living and working in Berlin.

M: When was the most dangerous time in your life?

B: The 1990s.

M: What keeps you going?

B: Curiosity and my love of friends and family.

M: What have you learned from the older generation of your family?

B: The post-war period has left a strong mark on my family. Naturally, they taught me a lot of important things. How to cherish the simple things in life, conscious enjoyment, how to delight in quality – not overabundance – and gratitude. Those are the things that have shaped me and also inform my taste in food and drinks.

M: Where can I find your work?

B: My agency for brand communication And strategic marketing is called Proof & Sons, but I also moonlight in other areas. Among others, I set up CDR Berlin – a platform that supports electronic music producers.


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