Bavaria Holiday


This weekend I decided to take it easy and re-load the batteries after the Swedish release. And, as usual, there is just no better place to relax then in Fischbachau. Me and my boyfriend Alex went to stay with Amely and Christine. We took a short turn to October Fest in Munich, but I had a cold so I took it super easy.


You will see more from this place in the book. There is a whole chapter about it!

As you can see on our outfits, we were not fully prepared for the October Fest. Still, I was able to get my Chucks in. Again, rule number one if you dont want to look cheap when you go to October fest is to wear shoes which you would also wear at a field. That means: Hiking Boots, original Tracht shoes or Sneakers. But never ever wear high heals. More to that here.

BTW, Alex really needs a new setup for his Tracht. On saturday he was wearing the 1972 Adidas shoe “München”.


Best Kaiserschmarrn in a long time was served to us at Schliersee.  Do you have any tips on Kaiserschmarrn? What gasthaus makes the best one in Austria or Bavaria?



ElmlidBavaria Holiday

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