Need some help in Sweden!


The last month we translated my Bread Exchange book into Swedish. Most recipes translated easy into swedish, especially since the Swedish food stores today are way broader sorted than 10 years ago.

However I am having some concerns about one soup recipe which includes “buttermilk”. In Germany we have buttermilk but in Sweden we do not. We have a huge variety of “Fil” but since the recipe is a warm soup I would really like to have it tested.

Anyone up for it? The recipe maker of this recipe is the incredibly talented Warsaw graphic designer Jakub Jezierski. You can find his work here. I tried it the first time on a journey to Poland in the middle of winter. And I loved it.

Please send an email to and I pass on the Swedish version of the recipe as well as some images of the final result we shot in Warsaw.

Thank You!


ElmlidNeed some help in Sweden!

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