on my knees

It is so ironic. I came back with 5 days of new baking knowledge and ready to dig into new exciting recipes. My sourdough had survived 2 weeks in the fridge and after 2 survival attempts he was back on track. I was so ready to start. I had such a flow. And then the least expected happened: Last night … Read More

Elmlidon my knees

Learning from the Master

I got to sleep in this morning and met up with Manfred at 5 am.  It is still really hard to get a long night sleep up here. Even if I am going through  early hours I do not get tired at night. I am used to go to bed around 12 at night but that does not work when … Read More

ElmlidLearning from the Master

Du kriegst ein SPIEGEL Abo, Ich bekomme ein Kitchen Aid

Oh yes, it is true. If you buy a subscription of der Spiegel can you buy the adorable Kitchen Aid Classic in white for a very good price. It would look stunning in my kitchen. Of course this gadget would be perfect for my new Image as Housewife material. Unfortunetly (and luckily (priv. remark)) it is only an image, you … Read More

ElmlidDu kriegst ein SPIEGEL Abo, Ich bekomme ein Kitchen Aid

Saltå Kvarn

Thank you Manfred for a very inspiring talk.

ElmlidSaltå Kvarn

ausflug mit die Fee

Wir haben ein deal, die Fee und ich. Wenn wir ausfluge machen denn organiziere ich die Picknick. Fee hat ein Auto so sie steht für das Autofahrt. Meistens fahren wir schon ein stuck. Also muss ich mich schon mit dem Essen mühe geben . Heute gab es: Sauerteigbrot mit aprikosen und Walnuss mit scudetto Salami. Recept kommt! Meine lieblings salat. … Read More

Elmlidausflug mit die Fee