on my knees

It is so ironic. I came back with 5 days of new baking knowledge and ready to dig into new exciting recipes. My sourdough had survived 2 weeks in the fridge and after 2 survival attempts he was back on track. I was so ready to start. I had such a flow. And then the least expected happened:

Last night she took her last breath. She has been a good companion for my Grandma in Västervik but she could not handle the city life in Berlin. My Electrolux assistant is out of order. Noone can save her now.

I have said it before, and I am saying it again – Is there anyone out there that want a Spiegel Abo? If you get (150 euro) an Subscription, I would get (150 euro) a Kitchen Aid. I would support you with fresh bread for a long time.

Fair deal, don’t you think?


Elmlidon my knees

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