“This is torture” he said.


This weekend I was baking for 2 events: The Kinfolk dinner and the NEXT organic fair in Berlin.

Two events in one weekend meant no-sleep for me. And no sleep for my Boyfriend ether. From about 3.45 my alarm went off every half hour so I would not forget to fold or take bread out of the oven.

On Sunday morning, the second night of this procedure, my BF cried out in the darkness

“This is torture!!”.


“This can not continue forever!!”.

I did feel bad for him (and I had offered to sleep on the couch!). Also Katharina from Friends of Truth felt bad and gave Alex a couple of her best Spätburgunder for his patience with the bread making. Thank You Katharina for saving my back.


This brings me on a a question: I will be hosting some dinners in NYC, London, Stockholm, LA and San Francisco in the fall and of course I can never host a dinner without bringing Bread. Maybe some of you would like to learn to make my bread before the book is out and then help me bake bread for a dinner event?


Feel free to spread this!

I promise you, the recipe is ALSO possible to make without getting up in the middle of the night (it just depends on when you would like to serve it).


2014-05-18 14.16.41

Katharina from Friends of Truth (the company behind Wahrheit Weine)

2014-05-18 14.29.27

Do you remember the Güde knife that got confiscated at Serena Hotel in Kabul? It is still joining me everywhere.

2014-05-18 13.02.31

I traded on Bread with Pia and since I forgot a bag we used wine boxes. Pia is the one doing the purchase of Food for Manufactum and she was sharing her favorite piemont hazelnut cream. This girl of course always knows what is good quality. I hope to make ice cream out of this.

2014-05-18 11.45.43

Elmlid“This is torture” he said.

4 Comments on ““This is torture” he said.”

  1. kim

    I would love to be a part of the NYC dinners in the fall! Please keep me informed! xx kim

  2. Elly

    Hello! I’ve been baking sourdough for about a year now, and would love to learn from you and help out (based in London)!

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