The Nürnberg sky 453 years ago


“453 years ago on the day, one of my favorite woodcut engravings was published. Made by the letter-painter of Nuremberg, Hans Glaser, it was an attempt to depict the celestial phenomenon that had filled the Nuremberg sky, one morning at dawn in 1561. It became a mass sighting, and was described by the town residents as an aerial battle, with … Read More

ElmlidThe Nürnberg sky 453 years ago

More Matcha Bread is coming up tomorrow


It is fun to see all the unexpected paths that this project brings me on. Tomorrow I have a really interesting trade. Bread for a voice lesson. I am really excited about this since I have not really been singing since I moved to Berlin 14 years ago (apart from some charity choir tours at retirement homes in the holiday … Read More

ElmlidMore Matcha Bread is coming up tomorrow

Bread Exchange goes Matcha

photo 2-2

I really like coffee. But I have reached a point where I have to admit that I can not really call my coffee drinking a procedure of enjoyment anymore. It is rather a simple habit. I am a fairly average Swedish coffee drinker. Which means I drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day. Preferably not the light American … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange goes Matcha

Farzana Wahidy


We often read about the risk for foreign journalists in Afghanistan. This march the one of the most appreciated Swedish world correspondents were executed on an open street. But we should not forget the risk for Afghan journalists and photographers. Photography was completely forbidden by the Talibans. Imagine no everyday images to have being taken between 1996 and 2001. When … Read More

ElmlidFarzana Wahidy

Don’t we all love bar graphs?


A bit of statics in the morning is always nice. So since we are in travel mood here in Berlin, lets have a look at the Bread prices in the capitals around the world.      

ElmlidDon’t we all love bar graphs?

Bread Exchange x Design Hotels


  It is not the first time that I am trading Bread with Design Hotels (Hall 9, Stand 312). Their former director of consumer marketing was bartering with me already 2011, long before any other company approached me. This time I was not baking for the Design Hotels team, but for their guests. It was interesting to discuss my concept … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange x Design Hotels

Bread Exchange at ITB


Today is ITB starting in Berlin. It’s been around since 1966 and is the largest tourist fair in the world. So there will be a lot of people in town. Which means that I will be baking like crazy. Today I am supporting Design Hotels and baking for their invited guests. It would be great to see you at the … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange at ITB

Food for Champions


In 1521, when Sweden during a short period was ruled by Danes, a young Swedish man named Gustav Vasa tried to motivate people to fight for the Swedish Kingdom and kick out the Danish king, known under the name Kristian Tyrann. Gustav had no troops so he went up to  the north part of Sweden (read middle) called Dalarna since … Read More

ElmlidFood for Champions

Nice People and Deutsche Welle

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 10.20.18

Yesterday there was a really nice article about Trading in Berlin on  DEUTSCHE WELLE. It is nice to see that the idea of trading is popping up everywhere. Deutsch Welle is a Germany’s International Broadcaster with News in English. I was interviewed about The Bread Exchange there almost 2 years ago. You find that story here. The journalist behind the … Read More

ElmlidNice People and Deutsche Welle

Bread Exchange tomorrow


Tomorrow we are making a little shoot for Essen and Trinken magazine at my flat. I am preparing quite a lot of bread for it.Do you want to trade with me? Just send a mail to and I will save you a loaf for the afternoon!  

ElmlidBread Exchange tomorrow