Farzana Wahidy


We often read about the risk for foreign journalists in Afghanistan. This march the one of the most appreciated Swedish world correspondents were executed on an open street.

But we should not forget the risk for Afghan journalists and photographers.

Photography was completely forbidden by the Talibans. Imagine no everyday images to have being taken between 1996 and 2001.

When I visited Kabul last year I was urgently in the need for a good female photographer. If possible Afghani.  I asked around everywhere. Everyone pointed at one woman, Farzana Wahidy. Farzana is my own age. She was born in Kandahar but studied in Canada and then returned to her homeland to tell its story. Especially the womens story. Because not many stories are told about the Afghan women.

Farzana opened a door for me in Kabul. And she was able to translate for me. Here are some stories from Kabul. Girls Shopping

The other day I stumbled upon a trailer for an upcoming movie about Afghan photographers. I felt I needed to share it with you. You will meet Farzana in it too.

Frame by Frame – Trailer from RED REEL on Vimeo.

Shopping 2 Shopping1


Farzana is the only contributing photographer in my book that I paid in money and did not trade with.

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