The Bread Exchange in London


I am heading to London tomorrow! If you want to trade with me, let me know as soon as possible and I will bake a bread for you and bring it over. I won’t really have time to go somewhere far, but if you are able to meet up with me in Shoreditch when I am coming from the Airport, then let me know and I will trade you a bread!


If you have followed me in the social networks you know that I have made some serious attempts to go do a little bit of time off from The Bread Exchange. To me, being off means; no baking; and no trading. I tried to be off last week- but it  resulted in 7 trades on Thursday and Friday so I would not really call it a successful time-off. It is not easy to take holiday from something you like to do (I have tried it one time before when I went to the Sinai desert).

The reason for taking some time off is that I am terribly behind on answering mails (You know who you are :(.

Please don’t be mad at me, TRADING is more time consuming than one might think. In the end, I guess that is why there is a monetary system after all.



ElmlidThe Bread Exchange in London

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  1. Federica

    oh, if I had known you were going to be in London… would have loved to trade. But I am in Wales, and all the way to the West Coast, so not an option now.

    But since you are in London, and you are into sourdough, you may want to check out the best pizza in London ever. It’s Pizzeria Franco Manca, in Tottenham Road, near UCL (University College London). Anytime around meal time, you will see a line of 20-30 people standing, waiting to be seated. I did it too. It goes fast and it is worth it.

    Then you will have a chance to eat a real ‘Pizza Napoletana’ made with flour ’00′ and an old Naples recipe, which apparently originates from Greece. The whole story is explained in the paper menu, which you will find in any table.

    This is hands down the best pizza and I have ever had in the UK, and, together with the pizza from Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix, AZ, the best pizza I have ever had abroad (i.e., outside of Italy). It is also one of the best ever I have had in my life even in Italy — not so much for the toppings (the selection at Franco Manca is quite limited — though the mozzarella di bufala does make a difference) but for the dough, which is super digestible. After you have finished eating it, you feel like you could start all over, which is quite a rare feeling after having eaten pizza (usually I feel like I have a stone in my stomach).

    BTW, Franco Manca also has a pizzeria in Brixton, but it’s not very nice, and it’s not a nice part of London.

  2. Elmlid

    Oh, that is really a great tip Federica! A pizza that does not fill you up so you could almost do a 2nd round! Are they using sourdough? It would really make sense..
    I fear I wont make it this time as I am there for work and not in charge of my dinner plans. But maybe maybe maybe! Anyways, I will keep your tip in my phone for the next trip over! (and then we’ll trade ☺)

  3. Federica

    Yeah, I read the recipe (or more appropriately, the story of the recipe, which apparently goes back to Greece) on the paper table cloth which they put for every seat on the tables (it’s a disposable type), and it said that the dough of the pizza is a sourdough… which incidentally made me wonder what it would translate to in Italian (what’s the word for ‘sourdough’ in Italian? ) given that it’s Neapolitan pizza! Anyway, you can see the menu & sourdough mention in this pic from their FB age:

  4. alex

    elmlid, i think i just missed you in london but would have loved to meet and trade some hand made sourdough bread.. (rye?). please let me know next time you re around, i am not far from shoreditch and have a bike :-) xx alex

  5. Elmlid

    Hi Alex, I really did miss you. Just arrived in Münich. I hope to see you next time, probably in August or September!

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