I am sure that if there is some kind of adverse reaction connected to heavy Leek-eating, I will get it. I am still hooked. And Vili, I am sure it will taste even better with you moms secret spice. I will use it next time.


Wood Wood AW10

Morning meetings always end up a bit better with fresh baked bread.  Last night I made sourdough buns that I baked this morning before going to the Wood Wood store. Wheat sourdough with Flex seed, sunflower seed and raisin. I made the dough yesterday around 5.pm. Then I let it rest for 2-3 hours and then I rolled the buns. … Read More

ElmlidWood Wood AW10

Paris Paris

It is always exciting when you open your eyes a bit and find something very interesting right next to you. Like some people, that, when they are in their thirties, fall in love with some that they knew since elementary school. For me, it was way more simple then that. I found leek. Or  at least, I found out that … Read More

ElmlidParis Paris

Christmas dinner 2.0

The nicest about being at your own place for Christmas is that no one feels any pressure. No previous expectation on how the Christmas is supposed to be or used to be. Just as we want it. Being Swedish the Christmas Eve tend to be a Smörgårdsbord full of old time favorites. Maybe not our favorites but someones favorites. Therefore … Read More

ElmlidChristmas dinner 2.0

Fudge für alle

Christmas is for me very much about food. Well, most of the time it is a lot about food in my life. But Christmas is different. During Christmas I even eat sweet stuff. Tonight I will make Chocolate Fudge. I do not like it to be too much Choco taste since it is enough chocolate during Christmas anyways. Therefore I … Read More

ElmlidFudge für alle

Kim Chi Passt zu allem.

Last night I went to a great great concert: Efterklang I was really amazed by the concert actually. Efterklang  was different from any other band I have seen live. They were full of respect for each other on stage and they felt like a group of really good friends. This, in combination of the stunning music and the band members … Read More

ElmlidKim Chi Passt zu allem.

Jerusalem artichoke

Tonight I am having Saskia over for Bread and french wine. I am trying out a new kind of bread for us. Tonight the sourdough is spiced up by Jerusalem Artichoke and chili. I can not wait to see how it will taste. To be on the safe side I have also made one with Rosemary. I just can not … Read More

ElmlidJerusalem artichoke

don’t push it.

One of the secrets about getting your bread right is not to let anything stress yourself. And not to push it. That’s what I did last night, unfortunetly. I had an amazing rosemary sourdough going on. It was bubbling in my kitchen and it looked very very  promizing. I called up my good friend Ulrik that I knew wanted some … Read More

Elmliddon’t push it.

Bread Mistake?

Sometimes I do something unintended and the bread turns out weird. It is by mistake but it doesn’t matter, really. Like yesterday when the wheat/spelt sourdough turned up in a Frisbee formation. It looked kind of nice in the end. For lunch I had it with a spicy Jerusalem artichoke soup. Very simply every day luxury to me. 4 Jerusalem … Read More

ElmlidBread Mistake?


The so called “Apple diet” comes from Zürich and is over 100 years old. I am sure my version is way more healthy then the original which contained both dried fruit and condensed milk… The first time I tried it was by the Lichtenstein Family Büchel. Die Mama Büchel made the best Birchermüsli for us in the morning during our … Read More