gaufre de Liège

There is a waffle out there that does not need any of the fuzz like cream, jam or ice cream. I would never call maple syrup “fuzz”, but this waffle does not need maplesyrup ether. A bit of fresh fruit is always refreshing, but not needed. The Liège Waffle has it all. Liège is a city in the french speaking … Read More

Elmlidgaufre de Liège


The project has been going on for a while already. I just did not document it. When I was in sthlm I got really inspired by Martin Bundock who had made all these different “Safta och Sylta” project. One of them was his Limoncello. Since I was not able to find the right Sorrento (it is a good thing if … Read More


Paris cookout

Paris was lovely as always. And it got even nicer thanks to all the nice people we had in our Showroom. As always we arranged our Showroom in Marais. Francine and Laurant took care of us and the last night we cooked together. Francine made an amazing Artachoke (Fresh!!) sallad with parmesan. Gerard baked the bread : a success. Since … Read More

ElmlidParis cookout

Wood Wood x Peter Jensen Co Lab Bakery

When you work in the fashion business you have to remember to keep your feet on the ground. Therefor we like to arrange our showroom with nice people  and brands like Peter Jensen and Minimarket. Gerard Wilson from Peter Jensen also has a taste for Sour Dough. This is his bread of the day.

ElmlidWood Wood x Peter Jensen Co Lab Bakery

September at Skafferiet

Next door to Höje Bakery there is a small old store, Lanthandel, selling only ecological food. A lot of it is produced in Värmland. It is inspiring and I am trying to stick to what they, and the forest, have to offer. It is not very hard to stick to it actually. Even though I do not like ice cream … Read More

ElmlidSeptember at Skafferiet

Long live Levain!

Yesterday we started the Levain project.  We set the dough around lunch time. This morning Manfred and I met up early. At 2.30 (AM!!!) it was time to start. We added more flour and water and then the dough had to go back to its resting position. After about 1-2 hours we added the rest ingredients. I added some extra … Read More

ElmlidLong live Levain!

Raindear Ruben Sandwich

This is from my Ruben Sandwich from monday night. My American Dad William Davis used to make the best Ruben. In Berlin you can get proper ones at Barcomi’s. But they are not like the ones served by the Davis’. So, this is my version: 4 thin slices of bread that you like.  A darker one is better. Rye bread … Read More

ElmlidRaindear Ruben Sandwich

to learn something

I have been very lucky and will be able to see and learn at Lars Gustafsson’s bakery in Höje. He has build up a bakery where he only uses ecological ingredients and bakes in a stone oven. First day we started at 4 am. Ingrid had already been preparing since 2 am. It felt insane sick to get out of … Read More

Elmlidto learn something

a perfect Dinner plan

The woods are full with it. The rubins from the north are spread everywhere. Two nights ago I went out in my backyard (woods) to check out the mushroom potential. I did not find much mushrooms that I dared to eat. Non actually. But I found lingonberries. Lingonberries makes me crave for Rain dear meat. So that is what I … Read More

Elmlida perfect Dinner plan

den Vilda Jästen

This is how it all started. I felt a big of frustration over the bread that is offered in Berlin. It went so far that I even stopped eating bread and convinced myself it is a way to stay healthy and slim. I fooled myself for about a year. I very much enjoy  to eat so after going to Stockholm, … Read More

Elmlidden Vilda Jästen