Moules marinières

Yesterday there was a major mussel fiest in Prenzlauer Berg. In Der Fischladen I had bought  4kg of mussels for 6 people. Luckily I only cooked 3 and we still had enough leftovers to feed the animals I do not have. There is something wrong with my understanding of portions. I always cook way too much. But now I know. … Read More

ElmlidMoules marinières

Today is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.

One of the best things with September is for me the Mussels. From the 3rd of September you can get them at your local high quality fish dealer. To be safe I have already reserved 4 kg. My dealer is called Fischladen and located in Schönhausser Allee 128. Now I am looking forward toward 4 month of mussle madness. I … Read More

ElmlidToday is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.

the best Breakfast, ever.

I think this is the best I ever ate in the morning. Papaya Mango Goatmilk yoghurt Bee pollen This picture is almost too good, though. I am at a raw-food and detox spa at Koh Samui. And I am reading “Den Hemlige Kocken” (a swedish book about food additives). It looks almost insane.

Elmlidthe best Breakfast, ever.

endlich wieder zuhause!

Finally the fashion maniac is slowly taking a break. The last 2 weeks have I spend in a suitcase in Copenhagen and Sthlm (not to forget the relaxing stop in Karlskrona!!!). I will get back with some pictures when I have them developed. After landing in Berlin last night I needed to test my little SOUR fellow. Daniel had fed … Read More

Elmlidendlich wieder zuhause!

Lunch for Katarina, Martin and Tin Tin

We went to Katarinas Land last Saturday. Martin and Tin Tin had grown Redish, Arugula and “Ärtskott” (does anyone know the English or German word for it?) Together we made a sweet Salmon with Balsamico marinated strawberries and Feta cheese.

ElmlidLunch for Katarina, Martin and Tin Tin

Katarinas dinner

Just Amazing. If I just get the recipe I will make this myself.

ElmlidKatarinas dinner


It is friday night and I can not think of anything less exciting then doing my travel receipts. The pile of 4 weeks travels could take a whole weekend :( Luckily I started a new sourdough yesterday… As always I am hunting holes. This time I would almost call it a success. Maybe the bread turned out a bit light. … Read More


NYC Fashionweek and Breadhunt

New York is always inspiring, somehow. There is an drive that impresses me. Maybe it is a economic drive but the result is sometimes suprisingly on the point. Like some LES and Brooklyn Cafes. I can’t stop loving Gitane for being so complete. They keep the “red-thread through-out-the-whole-concept”. Try their Avocado Sandwich. So simple and so good. Or their Orange blossom Waffle with … Read More

ElmlidNYC Fashionweek and Breadhunt