The project has been going on for a while already. I just did not document it. When I was in sthlm I got really inspired by Martin Bundock who had made all these different “Safta och Sylta” project. One of them was his Limoncello. Since I was not able to find the right Sorrento (it is a good thing if they are ecological. Since you use the peal. Martin recommends an english book serie called “The River Cottage Handbooks”. They seemed really really nice.  I will look into this the next time I am in London.

This is how I did it:

  • 6 ecological Grapefruits.
  • 40% or higher Vodka. I used Finlandia.

Peal the Grapefruits with whatever gadget you have. I used my Cheese  slicer.  Put the peal into a pet bottle and pour the Vodka on top. Let the peal soak in the vodka for atleast 4 weeks.



3 Comments on “Pompelocello”

  1. Lina

    I follow every comment you make on your blog and get inspired of your inspiration.

    Tomorrow I will try my 4th sourdough bread. This one with hazelnuts and figs. Since Elsa helps me baking the recipes are often modifed when she “by mistake” adds 25 grams yeast instead of 5… so I am learning, slowly.


  2. Elmlid

    Ach Lady, would love to see Elsa getting crazy at the kitchen bench. I can picture it :)
    Maybe you should go for some bread with more yeast ones in a while. It all goes crazy fast. Maybe the Waffle? It is exactly 25 grams of yeast – totally Elsa taste.
    Miss you!

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