The so called “Apple diet” comes from Zürich and is over 100 years old. I am sure my version is way more healthy then the original which contained both dried fruit and condensed milk…

The first time I tried it was by the Lichtenstein Family Büchel. Die Mama Büchel made the best Birchermüsli for us in the morning during our summer holiday in Toscana. The müsli contained everything that their backyard would offer in July.

This swiss dish you can do with anything you have at home that goes with yoghurt. Use more of what you like until you get the consistency you prefer. I always make mine with soyyoghurt which works just as well.
Instead of using normal milk I add Coco juice. I am sure it would be great with mint in the summer too. But this is what I used in October:

  • Yoghurt – always
  • Grated Apple – always
  • Oatmeal and Müsli- always
  • Homemade Maple syrup Granola – always
  • Chopped Fresh plums
  • Pomme Ganate
  • Fresh or frozen berries
  • Nuts if you like
  • Coconut juice or milk to make it less sticky

I always make a bigger batch so I can have for a few days. Yummi. And perfect for tired mornings.


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