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It is always exciting when you open your eyes a bit and find something very interesting right next to you. Like some people, that, when they are in their thirties, fall in love with some that they knew since elementary school. For me, it was way more simple then that. I found leek. Or  at least, I found out that there was actually something quite exciting about leek.

Last week was the first week of Fashion madness AW10. Berlin had Bread and Butter and Paris had its mens week. I escaped Berlin and wend to Paris (with a stop over in Brussels…). On Saturday night I went to the Dunhill show where Kim Jones is creative director. Very nice. Especially the styling of the show. The show was in Palais de Tokyo and I love that place. My friend Katarina and I decided to stay afterward  and have dinner. I asked for the waiters recommendation and  on my plate I got… leeks. But wow!! I never had them like this. They were grilled in the oven with just salt and pepper and olive oil and served warm. On top there was an amazingly fresh mozzarella (cold). I must say I barely remember the main course. But I think I had beef tartar.

Today I tried to boost myself with a re-make. It was just as easy as it looked and they tasted just as good as Saturday night. The trick is, as always, to pick the best olive oil, salt jada jada. Simple dished demand the best ingredients.

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  1. Lizmatic

    Hey Malin, I am so impressed with your blog!!! It’s beautiful! I will continue to follow you and your food here. Thank you for keeping up with my stupid lady crap and I hope our paths cross sometime in the future. I have a new job designing shoes that keeps me very busy, no more trailing around with the boys…they missed you very much at Capsule!!

  2. Elmlid

    Thank you! Same to you Lady!! Glad to hear you are enjoying the new work. Where are you working? Would love to see some. I am just heavily in love with my new Costume National shoes that I fell for in Brussels last week.
    I am so sad that I could not go to NYC this season. But work has been enough here in Europe so I guess I should focus. Next time I come I will let you know. And hopefully we can meet up. Or do you have any new Europe plans? I think it would be good for inspiration for you, dont you think???
    xx malin

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