Perfect Midsommar Picnic

Jessica, you made us the best Danish Lagkage I have tried! Rahel, you were shining stronger then anyone. How many times did the kids ask you if you just got married? And your Strawberries/Chevre/Balsamico sallad. Yum. And the tomato/Mozarella sticks with white ribbons. Beautiful. Steffi, so nice to meet you again. Looking forward to Monday! And the next glas of … Read More

ElmlidPerfect Midsommar Picnic

My Nose is the only guide I need.

I think I have never in my life thought and talked so much about food as the last 1,5 week. And that says a lot about how much I am thinking about food right now. First in Bangkok. Running around the city to enjoy the best of the best. From high to low. And back up to high again. The … Read More

ElmlidMy Nose is the only guide I need.

After fasting comes the feast

I reached the feast now. Luckily I am locked into a Raw food spa which makes me crave for nothing but sallads and other totally uncooked dishes. Like the raw garden burger. I think this is the first time in my life I did not wish it to be a chopped up filet spiced up with some brandy, onion and … Read More

ElmlidAfter fasting comes the feast

Scones Practice for the Birthday Girls

Scones are damn tricky to make. I must say that the Danes make them the best, according my taste. To not screw up my own birthday breakfast I have been practicing today. Kerstin came with her critical taste and gave me a ‘go’. When your baby girl is born Kerstin, then I will bring her scones! I also made some … Read More

ElmlidScones Practice for the Birthday Girls

On the road again

My sourdough is a well traveled little fellow. He has been around the world and I would call him a true cosmopolit. He has been breathing the London smog in Hackney. Been smuggled through the the custom more times then he can remember. Been relaxing in my Berlin home in Prenzlauer Berg. Been inspired by designers and gallerists in our … Read More

ElmlidOn the road again

Fast food for Frankie

After 4 hours at IKEA with the impossible mission to stick to my moodboard for my Balcony decoration I was deadly hungry. So hungry that I swallowed my food in less bites then looked appropriate. I was happy noone was at the table with me. I decided that fast food should be eaten by hand. If you gonna eat fast … Read More

ElmlidFast food for Frankie

the Feast of the Lambs

Celia, Robin and I just ate the best Easter dinner ever. I am still flashed. Robin made a Indonesian/Dutch specialty called “Spekkoek”. Crazy good!! It was a bit winter-y but if he will share me his recipe I will make it into an Elmlid-Christmas tradition. It is very hard to get into my cake list. But this one is one … Read More

Elmlidthe Feast of the Lambs

Bread exchange – White, Drottningholm and Wermland

Three sorts of Bread are to trade today: White with a Crispy Crust. A totally white bread that goes with everything. The bread will still makes you full since it made with highest quality flour and without yeast. Just as good to eat tomorrow. The crust is made with Dinkel. Drottningholm Rye Same as Thursday but the royal recipe seem … Read More

ElmlidBread exchange – White, Drottningholm and Wermland

Monday mornings

Monday mornings tend to be less motivating some weeks of the year. Today was such a day. I have heard some people can get themselves out of bed since they look forward to that morning run. I am not one of those people and I will never be. I motivate myself with a breakfast. So, what I got today was: … Read More

ElmlidMonday mornings