Monday mornings

Monday mornings tend to be less motivating some weeks of the year. Today was such a day. I have heard some people can get themselves out of bed since they look forward to that morning run. I am not one of those people and I will never be. I motivate myself with a breakfast. So, what I got today was:

  • Fresh baked morning buns with a 2 year old Gruyere
  • Baby Avocado with lumpfish

The bread I made last night. Very very simply. The idea is taken from the usual sour dough buns but I made them a bit easier and used 2 grams of yeast in them too.

  • 350gram wheat
  • 250 gram Water
  • 2 gram yeast
  • 90 gram sourdough
  • Whatever you like. Last night I was in the mood for: Raisin, flexseed, sunflowerseed, walnuts and soft-dried apricots.
  • 17 grams salt (I like it salty. Use 12 grams if you prefer.)

Mix everything, except salt. Let it rest for about 1-2 hours. Add salt. Rest another 2 hours.

Make into buns. But watch out so you do not press out the air bubbles that you have achieved by waiting. I let my buns wait in my ice-called bathroom over night, put some water, flex and sunflowerseeds on them and then I baked them on 250 degrees in the morning. Very good.

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