Fast food for Frankie

After 4 hours at IKEA with the impossible mission to stick to my moodboard for my Balcony decoration I was deadly hungry. So hungry that I swallowed my food in less bites then looked appropriate. I was happy noone was at the table with me. I decided that fast food should be eaten by hand. If you gonna eat fast it just looks more suitable to swallow a hamburger.

But Emmas fast food taste better.

  • Green Asparagus  -boil for just a few min. Keep them crunchy!
  • Fried Egg
  • Parmesan – I did not have any so I used Västerbotten
  • Truffle oil – just sprinkel some over
  • Salt and Pepper

This is soooo good.

Thank you Emma! You showed me this dish at one of our amazing cooking sessions in Lund. I envy your little Frank that get to eat your food from now on.

Welcome Frank!


ElmlidFast food for Frankie

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