don’t push it.

One of the secrets about getting your bread right is not to let anything stress yourself.

And not to push it.

That’s what I did last night, unfortunetly. I had an amazing rosemary sourdough going on. It was bubbling in my kitchen and it looked very very¬† promizing. I called up my good friend Ulrik that I knew wanted some bread and told him I might have a bread to spare. Then, instead of baking the Bread when I saw that it was ready to bake, I put the wooden baskets in the fridge so I could bake them in the evening instead. Stupid. The bread got too heavy for my taste. Ok, it tasted just as good but it did not look as nice.

As you can see it is not as light as usual. I promise that there is no rye in there. Only wholemeal wheat and some normal wheat.

  • 370 gram wholemeal wheat (vollkorn)
  • 150 gram wheat
  • 400 gram water
  • 200 gram sourdough (I used the wheat one)
  • 15 gram salt
  • fresh rosemary

I started it all on Tuesday afternoon. It would have been ready to bake in the early afternoon on Wednesday.

Last night at the G-shock party Teimaz asked me if I could not do some kind of overview of the basics that you need in the kitchen. Great idea, I will do that!


Elmliddon’t push it.

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