It takes a village.

And what should we do now with the awareness that our friends being sexually harassed?

—-> Lets get down to basics.

Traveling and Saunaing – with and sans Bebe

PomPom social is a portal with inspiring stories by women with kids. Since being a mom can be pretty hard work at times they have collected tips and tricks from different women on how to take better care of yourself. This week I have shared my advices there too!

Green Kitchen Stories movie

I bumped into David from Green Kitchen Stories in Marrakech. He joined me to a local bakeries and made this little movie from the baking process. Thank You!

My best souvenir from Tbilisi:

In love with my Georgian silk socks from Samoseli Pirveli.

Anthropologie Campaign

I was face for the US brand Anthropologie Fall/Winter Campaign.

Here is a little film from the shoot at my place in Berlin in July this year. It is weird but it feels super personal as it was shot not many weeks after Lode was born.

Wear your mothers clothes

My favourite pregnancy outfit happen to be as old as I am – and come from my mothers wardrobe.

Berlin Guide

The guys from Liganova is releasing their new city guide for Berlin and have interviewed me for my favorites.

Who makes the best Kaiserschmarrn’?

This weekend I decided to take it easy and re-load the batteries after the Swedish release. And, as usual, there is just no better place to relax then in Fischbachau.

The Bread Exchange in NYC

Before summer is over – dont miss this classic Polish soup!

Need some more summer this year?

I can really recommend this favorite hide away from last year.

Observer Food Monthly

I really really liked Tim Lewis story and reflections on The Bread Exchange in the Guardian’s OBSERVER Food Monthly. You can read the article here.

Yup, it is me.

This week Esprit is launching their Fall Winter Campaign. The whole idea around the campaign is to feature women who are passionate about what they do.

You can read more about the campaign here.


Spring Maxfield, Santa Rosa

Spring Maxfield is not just one of the warmest people I’ve ever met, She is also the SpiderQueen in the Net of the Farmers Black Market of Sonoma County. Yes, this is true, there is a secret underground market for food lovers in one of the most inspiring regions of USA. And Spring is part of my book. Meet her her!


Sasha has been playing many roles in the making of The Bread Exchange book. I met Sasha in Münich for the first time in 2011 when I was having a showroom for Levi’s Vintage


One thing that always strikes me in New York City is the women. There is that certain kind of New York lady who has an impressively thick skin. The ones who have also managed to keep warmth in their hearts are the kind that truly inspire me.


I have always been amazed with how open people in NY can be about sharing their network- an attitude that we in Europe could learn from.


It started of with a classic bread trade. 4 years ago Laura offered to compose the dream cake for my birthday. What do you like? she asked.


When I was in NYC to shoot for the German Travel guidebook from Smart Travelling I was introduced to Eric Anderson, who is one of the co-founders of Prune (I can highly recommend it!).


Katherine is the person I reach out to when I want an honest opinion on a restaurant in Berlin. Check out her online magazine, At the Table, for inspiration!

My Publisher

When the US publisher Chronicle books approached me in 2012 I was a bit reluctant. I knew their books, but not the company. I started to call everyone I knew with any kind of connection in the business to check them out.


When I started working on my book I knew I wanted something by Kheira in there. I offered my apartment in exchange for a drawing since I knew she loves to come back to Berlin from time to time.