Bread Exchange on the Radio

Today at 15.40 they will talk about Bread Exchange at  a program called “Schöne Woche” at Radio Eins in Berlin. ————————– And Eric and Fabian, thank you for the great headphones! Perfect as a headset.

ElmlidBread Exchange on the Radio

In the country where there is no Breakfast

I think I understand most food behaviors that I have been exposed to. But there is one I just don’t seem to get. When people do not eat breakfast. I wake up starving and have to hold myself not to eat 2 portions of my scrambled eggs or birchermüsli (I have even googled what a normal breakfast size is, since … Read More

ElmlidIn the country where there is no Breakfast

the Bartering is spreading

More than a year has gone since I traded with the Dutch Jewlery designer Lennebelle. Today  I got a clipping from her where she is mentioned in the Korean Vogue. You are well worth it Lenneke. Thank you for mentioning Bread Exchange as an inspiration in the article. The trading, its unexpected paths, and the people I meet are one … Read More

Elmlidthe Bartering is spreading


The night was a minor food parade and we travelled from chef to chef to try something new. I ended up favoring Champagne and Fishes at the north German kitchen area. I think it is time to go to Lübeck, Bremen or Hamburg soon. It has been way too long ago. Regarding the ball,  Let’s put it this way; One … Read More


The new book von Freunde von Freunden is out!

It feels weird to see yourself in it but I think they have done a great work. The book gives a good picture of todays Berlin. Well, at least of a particular scene in Berlin. But I like how the styles are really going Kreuz und Quere. Here you find Freunde von Freunden online. In the picture is my friend … Read More

ElmlidThe new book von Freunde von Freunden is out!

Not really a fashion post but a superficial one.

So, next friday am I invited to a German event called Bundes Presse Ball. I normally like the question “What am I supposed to wear?” but this time I was not really sure (even more fun of course). Some Berliners say it is really formal. But to me, a ball with “smoking” as the dress code in combination with being … Read More

ElmlidNot really a fashion post but a superficial one.

Serve your friends Möpse

If you followed me at Usedom ealier this week you now have some tasty Herrings waiting in the fridge to be rolled up into a Mops. I suggest you serve your Rollmops with your favorite Snaps. Actually, I never manage to eat a Rollmops without drinking a snaps with it. But that is another story. When I serve Rollmops I … Read More

ElmlidServe your friends Möpse

Deutsche Post

Seriously. Who does not want to send Lotta Lundgren and Emi Guner free clothes?  There are not many other people in the Swedish, or German, Media that I feel more respect for and at the same time make me smile. As a, somewhat overused but oh so true example: If Lotta tells me to cook a stew on my own pet … Read More

ElmlidDeutsche Post

Getting in the mood

Having to do Travel expense reports is the back side of Traveling. One should not complain, but God, it is boring. I have made great efforts today to get in the right mood for going through that pile of receipts (which now is a bag of receipts). I don’t have many office days between my trips you know. I made … Read More

ElmlidGetting in the mood