Early Morning Tasks

I woke up at 5 today. In my best mood. Not even the thought of the need to clean my fridge can drag me down today.

My fridge. Yes. As I came home from 3 weeks traveling I had a light smell of death in my flat. Or death is the wrong descibtion, the smell is rather of some highly alive creatures. My 2nd fridge had decided that his time was over and left all my valuables to mould slowly and lonely. I will spare you any pictures, but I can tell you that it does not go under the category “pretty” in my image memory.

The fridge. I have 2 fridges you know. I am barely at home but I have 2 fridges and one freezer. In sane. One is filled with treasures and the second one is to use for veggies, open containers and to store all the chanel nailpolish I buy and never use (some behavoirs you heritage from the older Generations, Thank you Grandma!). Luckily it was the “everyday fridge” that is trashed.

But, I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t the Sourdough resting in THAT fridge?”. Oh yes he was.

But, and this is the great thing about the sourdoughs, you just need a tiny bit of them to get them back into life. And I still had the uncleaned sourdough jar from Münich in my car. And swipps, after some sweet weak up attempts he is back into life and ready to roll. Sourdoughs must be the creature with the best Karma in the world. At least if you, like me, consider life so great that you never want to leave.

Now I will roll up my sleeves, smear some tiger balm under my nose, and get to the cleaning. I wish you all a good Friday.


As an image of this post I tried to look for something old to give you the mood of  decay. I found a picture of one of the first houses I lived in in Berlin. It might look very trist in Grey but My flat was very white and had a provincial feel to it.Rather like a country house with old wooden floors. I loved the moments when I sat in the kitchen window and drink my morning coffee overlooking the green garden full of birds.

The amazing patina and charm of that house is now long gone and the house is painted in a yellow tone similar to Pantones “Wax Yellow”. A yellow that to me looks very unhealthy and, in my opinion, is very unsuitable for a positive atmosphere (unfortunately often used on the walls of Berlin asian (country undefined) restaurants combined with coated pine-tree furnitures). Ok, NOW, I will clean that fridge.


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  1. Federica

    I was just thinking of outside colors in cars. You know that goldenish beige color that’s so on fashion in the US for some reason. I used to see lots of TOYOTA Camry (or similar sedan cars) in that color when I lived there. Blah!

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