Sometimes we get sick.

When I was sick as a kid and had to stay home from school I used to dress myself in shirt and jeans as I concidered the cosy outfit my parents suggested was like a visual reminder that I was not on with full force.

To accept that you are sick is sometimes a harder task than to make your body recover. But, I actually like to put it the other way around;

Not to accept that you are sick can be an excellent way to a fast recovery.

When you have been able to convince yourself that you are not feeling sick then you are standing in front of a new challenge:

To accept being locked into a hospital room. That little wild cat we have inside is mentally climbing the hospital walls. This is my personal nightmare.


However, to find things to do or analyze is in the end never really a problem. But there is one fear greater than all other nightmares. The fear for food.

Some days I have the feeling that the hospital food is a bigger health threat than medications or hospital bacterias for that matter.

I thought most of us knew by now that the right food and a healthy appetite are, if not an life insurance so at least a very close to one. However, it is not a perfect world.

So, with that said, What do we do about it?

Don’t let it drag you down. Do the best of it. Pimp up the dishes as much as you can. If it makes it easier, imagine you have a food blog or something. Remember, More is more, sometimes. My Herbal garden is more used than ever. Inkas bread Exchange trade with hand picked greek sea salt makes me think of holiday. And Lotta Lundgrens luxurious müsli is saving me again.

And as usual, Never care if people think you are weird. Only you know what makes you feel better. So make sure to do exactly that.

ps. I am so aware that this is a luxury nightmare. I live in the right part of the world.

And I have a health insurance.


Hospital food


Very simple Pimped up hospital food.


ElmlidSometimes we get sick.

5 Comments on “Sometimes we get sick.”

  1. Elmlid

    Federica, You mean the boiled veggies? Or the Spinage omelet?
    On the other pics it is only the plain Yoghurt that is from there. Chunky aged Gruyere and blueberry water has to be your own made art. And that is ok so – One do need something to do you know ;)

  2. Federica

    I’m sorry, I saw your comment only now. I mean the first picture with the cereal and the berries, yes, but especially the PROSCIUTTO!! Oh.MY.God. I so want some. I am from Northern Italy near the Parma area… but live in England… enough said.

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