Travel with Bread Exchange: München

From Today team Bread Exchange will be in München!

I have packed Mister Sourdough (he has been recovering in Fischbachau) in the back of my car together with all necessary Bread Exchange gadgets such as

  • a Scale
  • Top Notch Flour
  • Sea Salt from Ibiza
  • Some apricots from Istanbul
  • A little package of organic gogis
  • The best olive oil that I have traded
  • A Margrete bowl ( I use a black one so that it melts into the car interior. I hate color chaos.)
  • A pretty silver spoon to make the dirty work feel more glamorous (important)
  • A tiny china bowl to messur the salt in (same reason as above)
  • A fork
  • A wodden basket for rising
  • Some fresh kitchen towels

If I am lucky I will be able to use the ovens of Bar Centrale and ALOF.

In case you happen to be in München next 2 weeks; Write to me and I will bake for you!


Of course I would love to trade ANYTHING that you would like to share with me. I love to be inspired. But if I may wish for something this is the first that comes to my  mind:

Something you LOVE and can not imagine to live without (if it can be shared as a recipe, amazing!)

Any picture, drawing, sketch or interpretation of Bread or Bread Exchange.

Pictures of the bread and how you served it.

Well, that is what I can think of right now.

ElmlidTravel with Bread Exchange: München

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