City dogs need holiday

My friend Rahel has a Weimaraner named Finn. We all knew that there is something very special about Finn. Finn has been photographed by Mario Testino. And modeling for Stefanel. I would not say that all this fame has gone him over his head. He is still the same loveable soul that he always was. The first time I took … Read More

ElmlidCity dogs need holiday

Clemens en August

Clemens en August are showing/selling their FW11 collection until Sunday in Berlin. They travel Europe and only sell their collection in selected cities for a few days. I don’t seem to be able to visit them without buying something. Highly recommended. Schinkel Pavillon, Oberwallstrasse 1, Thu.20 – Sun.23 Oct. opening time 11 am – 8 pm mood autumn/winter: ———————————– … Read More

ElmlidClemens en August

Explosions in the sky

Ich have to share with you a song that I loved for years now. You probably know it already. To me this song is like the most beautiful picture of the appreciation of Life, and of Love. It is patient. But yet energetic. Like perfect love. It is straight and with full focus on the goal. Almost Marching. No compromises. … Read More

ElmlidExplosions in the sky

The Swedish Fashion Crowd like to eat.

No drink lists but an impressive selection of home made hot dogs at last Thursdays press night. AWB and Martin Bundock, again. It is an amazing feeling of homecoming. I have been away from Stockholm way too long.

ElmlidThe Swedish Fashion Crowd like to eat.


I was invited to Burger night in Stockholm. A guest line up including high sensitive foodies and well renominated food journalists. Everyone should bring something. Martin made home made ketchup. The pickled cucumber was of course both home grown and home made. Lovely mustardy dressing, from scratch. I wanted to bring something special. So I pulled my strings and was … Read More


Ok Guys, the first recipes are online…

I am a bit nervous. And happy. The November Issue of the US magazine Food & Wine will write about Bread Exchange. The Magazine will reach the stores mid October. But some recipes are already online. These are my Waffles from Liège. ——————— In case you like to freestyle a bit I would really encourage you to do so. The … Read More

ElmlidOk Guys, the first recipes are online…

Breakfast Heaven in Paris 2

The fruit box was turned into a table. The cheese paper was turned into a table cloth. Julian had the necessary tools. Note his Colette x Opinel pocket knife. Sweet.

ElmlidBreakfast Heaven in Paris 2


Some of us in the so called “Fashion Crowd” do eat bread. But only when it is a really good Bread.  And, rule number one, never in the evening ;) Ask the girls at Chanel in Nyon. Thank you for your kind words! Please let me bake for you.


11 jahre Berlin

On October 3rd in year 2000 I arrived with my 2 suitcases with the night train from Malmö to Lichtenberg. Since then I have kept at least one of these 2 suitcases in a basement somewhere in the city. I Never felt so at home anywhere else. I never lived so long at one place. Never been so true to … Read More

Elmlid11 jahre Berlin

Breakfast Heaven in Paris

Sunday morning wearing my Frees. The rest of my team are still sleeping. I walk fast to Bastille, the spot where, I guess one could say, the French revolution started in 1789 (on the weddingday of my Parents), and where I just have to be every sunday morning when I visit Paris. The reason is the Farmers market. This was … Read More

ElmlidBreakfast Heaven in Paris