Not really a fashion post but a superficial one.

So, next friday am I invited to a German event called Bundes Presse Ball.

I normally like the question “What am I supposed to wear?” but this time I was not really sure (even more fun of course). Some Berliners say it is really formal. But to me, a ball with “smoking” as the dress code in combination with being a not seated dinner can not be that formal. But still, one has to take the chance to dress up in Berlin when it is offered. So I will make an effort.

I have been going through my old ball gowns trying to make up my mind. My absolute favorite is a vintage dress that was made in Bombay for the daughter of one of the owners at the East Indian Trade Company from Gothenburg. It was sewn in 1947, they year of Indias Independence. These kind of stories really makes me want to let the dress dance me all night. Or, lets put it that way, I have never been invited to dance at a ball as many times as when I wore this dress. This picture was taken in 2006.

Unfortunetly the dress is so vulnerable that it by now is falling apart and I can not wear it again.


When I was in Singapore I found a very similar fabric, but in a different colorway. I had this dress made but to be able to eat and wearing that corset I need to cut down on the sport. And that is not an option.


Anyways, my choice has fallen on my first ballgown that I wore 12 years ago. I had it made from 10 meter navy blue silk. So, this is me with the sun in my eyes at the age of 19. One was so much cooler at the age of 19.


Trying on the dress today it somehow did not really feel modern. I had to think of the Cinderella movie.


It might be a lot said if the make-over on my ball gown is in the league of Cinderellas. But I still love to think about the scene.

Thank you Rose at DSTH for your help!




1947 was also the year when, for many people, the most classic Levi’s 501 was put on the market.


ElmlidNot really a fashion post but a superficial one.

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