Getting in the mood

Having to do Travel expense reports is the back side of Traveling. One should not complain, but God, it is boring.

I have made great efforts today to get in the right mood for going through that pile of receipts (which now is a bag of receipts). I don’t have many office days between my trips you know.

I made home made Granola with canded walnuts. I very much recommend this. But only as distraction.

I also made “Köttbullar”. And served them to myself with greek-yogi-feta-cream and grilled paprika as fingerfood on baby silver plates.

As I was about to start I remembered the package waiting in my Sweet Box that I can only reach with help from a stepladder.

Swedish Sweet Licorice.

I finished the package standing.

So good.

Now is the time. I will do the receipts now. It will be a long night.


ElmlidGetting in the mood

2 Comments on “Getting in the mood”

  1. kristofer

    Haha! Gud va kul att du sätter godiset på ett sådant ställe där det är jobbigt att hämta den. :) Riktigt fint tycker jag

  2. Elmlid

    Hehe, det funkar bara ibland. Jag är tyvärr varken höjdrädd eller rädd för stegar.. Det skulle nog vara mer effektivt att ställa lådan i min kalla källare.

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