Dear Friends, consider this a warning.

I am not big on Chocolate. I prefer salty candy.  No clue why I even went into the München Chocolate store “Götterspeise” (end of Hans Sach strasse in Glockenbachviertel). Anyhow, I left the store with a bag filled with eatable gifts, for my friends. AND a package of sea salted caramel truffles. Don’t buy them. You will finish the package … Read More

ElmlidDear Friends, consider this a warning.

on a Bavarian Diet

Once upon a time there was a Bavarian girl that lived in Ludwigstrasse in München.  She was soon to be married to this Austrian guy and had planned to top us all by wearing a dress that the rest of us could only dream of (not the one in the picture of course! I have no clue who let that … Read More

Elmlidon a Bavarian Diet

Still searching

I have still not found the perfect Butter brezel. Hofphisterei just isn’t. Wie kann es so schwer sein? I like the butter to be foamy  and not too cold . No fake butter please. And the bread should of course have that perfect crust. Anyone who knows? The Result of Malins Brezel-research  so far: The Swiss are great with the … Read More

ElmlidStill searching

Good Morning Saturday!

I am really not up to date on the blog right now. My life has come in between. Or, what is life, right now it is work. But that is life too. I woke up early today and, after a proper kitchen make-over, I sat down and  had a looong breakfast. Caponata, Raindeer and Eggs.

ElmlidGood Morning Saturday!

Danger Mouse Cake

So this is the result. My friend Svenja is convinced it will not taste good. She though we should pre-taste it before the bday party. I know it was a trick. I took a lot of pictures, I am pretty convinced that I will not bake a cake any time soon. In the end I think I just made a … Read More

ElmlidDanger Mouse Cake

I am not a cake kind of girl

I really like the idea behind cakes. Kind of like making a cocktail. Mixing the tastes. That is nice. First I wanted to make some kind of lemon-curd strawberry cake. With coconut frosting. But then I thought that was boring. So I decided to make a foresty cake. My Cake-moodboard had images with fairies from the Woods, Bears eating berries, … Read More

ElmlidI am not a cake kind of girl

January Morning

No meal is more important. Finnish sour dough. Wild Schwein ham. Swiss Nut Cheese. And the tomatoes.

ElmlidJanuary Morning

You are supposed to chill today

I woke up way too early for a new years day. I started the new year with a Lucia cats session. Saffron buns filled with a white chocolate cream that was colored black with charcoal. You find the recipe here. Energetic would be a good adjective for 2011. But I will eat them in bed now. ———————————– Lucia cats are … Read More

ElmlidYou are supposed to chill today


As a kid my main excitement about a Swedish Christmas dinner were Meatballs and Caviar. Things has not changed much. Nowadays Dads meatballs made by Moose are the hit. My pure Caviar eating with a spoon (lump fish) has developed into a love for Caviar cake. My family never liked heavy stuff like “Jansons” but instead we make different salads. … Read More


The last Bread Exchange before Christmas

It is a blend of black and white colored White Bread. It tastes like your classic white but looks more fancy. It is baked with my fav. Saxony flour, water and peruvian salt. I made 2 doughs that are folded together during the rise process. One of the doughs is Colored with charcoal. The other one is clean. Lets say … Read More

ElmlidThe last Bread Exchange before Christmas