Danger Mouse Cake

So this is the result. My friend Svenja is convinced it will not taste good. She though we should pre-taste it before the bday party.

I know it was a trick.

I took a lot of pictures, I am pretty convinced that I will not bake a cake any time soon.

In the end I think I just made a cake where I could try all possible technics. Like Foam covering. And jelly. Fluffy sugar cake. Fresh Berries. Jam. It is all in there. Now I just need to find a mouse to put on the cake.

It is supposed to be a Danger Mouse Cake.


ElmlidDanger Mouse Cake

10 Comments on “Danger Mouse Cake”

  1. Anna

    This looks delicious and creative! There are so many components, do you have any recipes for any of them (fluffy cake, foam topping)? It’d be great to see a photo of the inside with all the layers.

  2. Raina Vitanov

    Your cake looks lovely. Those blueberries….oh my goodness. By the way, I mentioned your blog on mine. I just discovered your blog and love the fact that you bake bread. I really like to bake bread as well. I am taking a class in two weeks on artisenal baking techniques. I hope they cover sourdough :)

  3. Elmlid

    Hi Anna,
    I can make a post with how to do it if you like! I only have a very blurry picture of the cut cake in the middle of the night.

    @ Victoria: It ended up really good actually. I like when cakes are really soaked in the middle so I it was good that the cake had 1,5 days to set. I see you write about Vienna. I might get back to you for tips when I am going there in the spring! The tea place looked so sweet!

    Hey Jana! So glad you like the Lussekatter! You can fill them with so many things. The other night it hit me that it could work with Lemon curd. What do you think?

    Thank you Raina! Such sweet words!! I love you blog! Very Inspiring. All the best from Berlin!

  4. Victoria

    Of course! Ask me when it’s nearer the time…this tea place is truly amazing. I’m moving to Stockholm in August so maybe we can exchange insider-tips ;)

  5. Gozde

    Malin, this cake looks delicious. Amazing cake for faeries:) Please please do a post with how-to’s. I would love to try to bake this cake.

  6. Danger

    Malin! Thanks again. The cake was more than delicious. And, of course, it looked stunning (with the mouse on top). X

  7. Nicole

    Oooh…could you please post a photo with the mouse on top? I would love to see it. That cake is really a work of art!

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