Crayfish Time Everyone


Crayfish Time Everyone The Swedes have already started fishing long time ago. But it is not too late. You can still celebrate the Crayfish season. And for all you living abroad: YES, you can buy ready to eat crayfishes at your local Swedish Furniture store! They will for sure not be Swedish (thank god, or there would be no crayfishes … Read More

ElmlidCrayfish Time Everyone

WIn a trip to Mauritius!

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You can win a trip to Mauritius, And The Bread Exchange can become the “Liebling of 2014″! The Myself Magazine from Conde Nast just published their names for the 2014 competition of the most inspiring people. The Bread Exchange is nominated in the “geniesser” (enjoyment) category. Thank You! The project is  in good company (Guila Enders would be my obvious … Read More

ElmlidWIn a trip to Mauritius!

Coffee culture inSmåland


There are many pretty small garden cafes along the coast is Småland. Well, there are many pretty garden cafes in Småland in general.  Often they are hidden behind walls and to enter them is like entering a secret garden with a “wow…”. A boat/canoe/bike ride away from our house in Timmernabben there is a cafe that I always visit when … Read More

ElmlidCoffee culture inSmåland

Book Contributor – Renee Baumann, NYC

Renee Baumann_sw

Renee Baumann, NYC I went to NYC  to throw a roof top brunch which was going to become a chapter of my book. There was very little planning in advance; The whole idea was to see what the city would be willing to bring to me. I have always been amazed with how open people in NY can be about sharing their network- an … Read More

ElmlidBook Contributor – Renee Baumann, NYC

Book Contributor – Lara Maria Gräfen, BERLIN

Lara Gräfen_sw

Lara Maria Gräfen, BERLIN Lara reached out to me in 2012 when I started working on the book. I liked her from the very first minute and she ended up helping me prepare for shoots in Berlin as well as abroad. She is the person that comes closest to the description “ett lingon i ett cocktail glas” (“A lingonberry in … Read More

ElmlidBook Contributor – Lara Maria Gräfen, BERLIN

Not into full Detox. But I love greens.


When I moved to Germany 14 years ago I was introduced to detoxing for the first time. I my group of German friends everyone seem to take a break once a year from eating- something I never heard of in Sweden. The detox could look in various ways; everything from tea detox to juice detox. Nowadays detoxing seems as normal … Read More

ElmlidNot into full Detox. But I love greens.

Shoreline cooking


When you go sailing you get chronically hungry. When out on the ocean, food tastes better than ever. Bad food however, will always taste crap – at sea and everywhere else. An easy rule to minimize conflicts on the boat: Only go sailing with people that know how to appreciate your efforts of putting good food on the table*. *This … Read More

ElmlidShoreline cooking

Boat Bunny


My parents like to sail. They have just returned from a 4-week sailing holiday around Sweden. Along the way, they picked up different friends and relatives that helped out as crew for a couple of days each. It’s a great liberty. I have been thinking about joining them many times. I have great memories from when I was a kid … Read More

ElmlidBoat Bunny

Bread Exchange Tonight


I could not stay away from Baking today so I would have one bread to trade with you tonight. Bread will be ready at 8pm and to be picked up in Pberg. Let me know if you want it! The bread is colored Black, Sage crusted and baked with Water Flour and Salt! Flour is from a mill on the … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange Tonight

Water Water Water


When I was writing my Stockholm story for my book it was hard not to write about the water. Because the water is one of the things I love the most about Stockholm. Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. It is a pretty stunning view. Since Stockholm was build as a water city it was also meant … Read More

ElmlidWater Water Water