Learning from the Master

I got to sleep in this morning and met up with Manfred at 5 am.  It is still really hard to get a long night sleep up here. Even if I am going through  early hours I do not get tired at night. I am used to go to bed around 12 at night but that does not work when … Read More

ElmlidLearning from the Master

Raindear Ruben Sandwich

This is from my Ruben Sandwich from monday night. My American Dad William Davis used to make the best Ruben. In Berlin you can get proper ones at Barcomi’s. But they are not like the ones served by the Davis’. So, this is my version: 4 thin slices of bread that you like.  A darker one is better. Rye bread … Read More

ElmlidRaindear Ruben Sandwich

to learn something

I have been very lucky and will be able to see and learn at Lars Gustafsson’s bakery in Höje. He has build up a bakery where he only uses ecological ingredients and bakes in a stone oven. First day we started at 4 am. Ingrid had already been preparing since 2 am. It felt insane sick to get out of … Read More

Elmlidto learn something

a perfect Dinner plan

The woods are full with it. The rubins from the north are spread everywhere. Two nights ago I went out in my backyard (woods) to check out the mushroom potential. I did not find much mushrooms that I dared to eat. Non actually. But I found lingonberries. Lingonberries makes me crave for Rain dear meat. So that is what I … Read More

Elmlida perfect Dinner plan


Today I learned how to make really delicious “Kanelbullar”. We started at 3.30 am this morning and here is the result in front of Ingrids cottage. I am not really used to Kanelbullar, even though they are known as a Swedish speciality, baked in every home. When I make buns at home I usually make them without the Kanel (cinnamon). … Read More



Last night I took a long walk to see what I will cook the upcoming week. Instead of the market and LPG I went to my backyard – the Woods. It is right between the seasons now and Värmland is then the perfect place to be. Lingon, Mushrooms, Dears. I like.


My little home

This is where I am staying right now. In the middle of the woods. The house is an old school from 1916. Lovely big windows with an amazing huge kitchen. I have the house for myself and I sleep in the old teachers room on the 2nd floor. It is very lonely and it gets really really dark at night. … Read More

ElmlidMy little home

miss Elmlid is going to the Forest

I need a Break. I need to get far far away where only the most important business calls can reach me. You will find me at an address that barely Google Maps could dig out for me. I am excited! I suppose different places are relaxing for different people. For me cities was always the best places to reload my … Read More

Elmlidmiss Elmlid is going to the Forest

den Vilda Jästen

This is how it all started. I felt a big of frustration over the bread that is offered in Berlin. It went so far that I even stopped eating bread and convinced myself it is a way to stay healthy and slim. I fooled myself for about a year. I very much enjoy  to eat so after going to Stockholm, … Read More

Elmlidden Vilda Jästen

Today is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.

One of the best things with September is for me the Mussels. From the 3rd of September you can get them at your local high quality fish dealer. To be safe I have already reserved 4 kg. My dealer is called Fischladen and located in Schönhausser Allee 128. Now I am looking forward toward 4 month of mussle madness. I … Read More

ElmlidToday is the day when I wish I was in Belgium.