Even though I have been in Germany since the year 2000 I still have not become fully a friend of the traditional German kitchen.  Now Berlin in just Berlin and not really Germany. And the food here is amazing. Great markets, big breakfasts, amazing dinners from all corners of the world. And all is affordable. I can not think of … Read More


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Paris cookout

Paris was lovely as always. And it got even nicer thanks to all the nice people we had in our Showroom. As always we arranged our Showroom in Marais. Francine and Laurant took care of us and the last night we cooked together. Francine made an amazing Artachoke (Fresh!!) sallad with parmesan. Gerard baked the bread : a success. Since … Read More

ElmlidParis cookout

my dream Kitchen

There are many pretty things in Paris. The nicest of them all might be my favourite Kitchen in Marais. It is not big. There is no window at the sink. It is just very alive. Check out the drawing on the wall. It was made directly on the wall when they renovated the space 20 years ago (it was nothing … Read More

Elmlidmy dream Kitchen

Good Girls in Paris

After a long night in the showroom there is nothing better then a dinner at home with good Friends. Emma, Sandra and I had dinner in our Paris apartment. A very simple dish, but oh so good. 800 gr big Shrims 3 garlic chilli white wine parsley Just fry the shrimps in the pan with some garlic and chilli. Add … Read More

ElmlidGood Girls in Paris

Wood Wood x Peter Jensen Co Lab Bakery

When you work in the fashion business you have to remember to keep your feet on the ground. Therefor we like to arrange our showroom with nice people  and brands like Peter Jensen and Minimarket. Gerard Wilson from Peter Jensen also has a taste for Sour Dough. This is his bread of the day.

ElmlidWood Wood x Peter Jensen Co Lab Bakery

going to Paris

I never considered myself being good at packing. This is Emma’s and my luggage in front of our amazing Paris Apartment. We will be away for 6 days. I think the suitcases are filled with mainly shoes. + Two of my sourdough. We will bake bread in Paris :)

Elmlidgoing to Paris

Black Forest

From one forest to another I have now landed in the darkest of them all, the Black Forest. Do not expecting to find masses Lingonberries here, the picture is an illusion. I brought some fresh berries to make a dessert drink, ready to drink for Christmas. I was thinking Limoncello. But with Lingon. A bad joke would be Lingoncello. That … Read More

ElmlidBlack Forest

September at Skafferiet

Next door to Höje Bakery there is a small old store, Lanthandel, selling only ecological food. A lot of it is produced in Värmland. It is inspiring and I am trying to stick to what they, and the forest, have to offer. It is not very hard to stick to it actually. Even though I do not like ice cream … Read More

ElmlidSeptember at Skafferiet

Long live Levain!

Yesterday we started the Levain project.  We set the dough around lunch time. This morning Manfred and I met up early. At 2.30 (AM!!!) it was time to start. We added more flour and water and then the dough had to go back to its resting position. After about 1-2 hours we added the rest ingredients. I added some extra … Read More

ElmlidLong live Levain!