my dream Kitchen

There are many pretty things in Paris. The nicest of them all might be my favourite Kitchen in Marais. It is not big. There is no window at the sink. It is just very alive. Check out the drawing on the wall. It was made directly on the wall when they renovated the space 20 years ago (it was nothing at that time…). 20 years later you see the trace of time and cooking. Lovely.

This place makes me want to get crazy. And that is what I will be tomorrow. Francine, Gerard and I will be cooking. I will make meatballs. Served with the Lingonberries from Värmland of course!


Elmlidmy dream Kitchen

2 Comments on “my dream Kitchen”

  1. Ellja

    Ich verstehe Dich, in dieser Küche würde ich auch gerne kochen, backen, braten, plaudern, trinken und lieben ;-)

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